On the Road

A Blown Opportunity

Figures released on Monday showed 6.7 million viewers watched the Democrats’ debate last Saturday night in Manchester, New Hampshire. The last Republican debate a few days earlier drew 11 million more viewers.

The low viewership for the New Hampshire debate on the Saturday before Christmas was not surprising. It’s like someone planned it that way.

“We are missing a golden opportunity to contrast our ideas to the right-wing extremism of the Republican Party. This is unfortunate and a blown opportunity by the leadership of the Democratic National Committee,” said Michael Briggs, Sanders’ spokesman.

For the record, the Sanders campaign was not consulted by the DNC before it announced the debate schedule. Soon thereafter, the senator sent a letter to the DNC urging more debates.

The senator believes debates generate more interest in the democratic process, that more viewers would turn into more voters and that when there are more voters Democrats win.