On the Road

A Metaphor for America

Bernie Sanders on Sunday took his White House campaign to Connecticut, one of five states where voters go to the polls on Tuesday.

Before speaking to more than 14,000 backers at an outdoor rally on the New Haven Green, Sanders was greeted by students on a sunny spring day at Yale and then state Sen. Gary Winfield of New Haven took him on a tour of a nearby neighborhood with boarded up shops.

Calling New Haven a metaphor for America, Sanders spoke about the gap in wealth and income in the city where poor children live in extreme poverty and don’t even dream of going to college, let alone the Ivy League university a few blocks away.

“We have a university with an endowment of $24 billion but children living a few blocks away in desperate poverty … getting totally inadequate educations,” Sanders said.

“Brothers and sisters,” he added. “We are going to change our national priorities. Instead of giving tax breaks to millionaires, we are going to rebuild our inner cities. We need an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent,” Sanders told the rally.

Watch Sanders on wealth and income inequality in New Haven: