Bernie on Rachel Maddow: More, Earlier Debates Needed

Bernie appeared on the Rachel Maddow show this week to talk about his presidential campaign, and to discuss his innovative proposal for a series of bipartisan presidential debates involving both Democratic and Republican candidates.

Bernie says the Republicans “get away with murder,” and he wants to challenge them in open debate:

Rachel preceded the interview with an overview of the presidential campaign in which she discussed Bernie’s proposal at length. Rachel points out that the last time the Democrats were picking a new candidate (rather than an incumbent) they had already begun debates at this point in the process. (The first debate of that campaign took place in April 2007.)

Rachel Maddow had very nice things to say about the proposal. “It really makes sense,” she says, “if you’re running to win the argument for the long run … and in the process to get people to care about politics in a way they manifestly do not right now.”

Rachel’s commentary is below (she talks about Bernie’s proposal at the 7 minute, 55 second mark).

To read Bernie’s letter to the Democratic National Committee about debates, go here.