The Middle Class

Breakfast with Bernie

The Los Angeles Times reported on a breakfast meeting Bernie held with reporters on Thursday. In that meeting, Bernie pushed back at coverage which uses the “socialist” label to imply that his views are extreme.

“In virtually every instance, what I am saying is supported by a significant majority of the American people,” Bernie said.

As Prof. Juan Cole has demonstrated, Bernie’s right.

Bernie acknowledged that his agenda “is not supported by the Business Roundtable or the Chamber of Commerce or Wall Street,” adding: “I may be old-fashioned enough to believe that Congress might want to be representing a vast majority of our people … and not just the Koch brothers and other campaign contributors.”

When it comes to personal attacks on his opponent, Bernie refused to take the bait. He did express disappointment at Hillary Clinton’s silence regarding the Pacific trade agreement now being debated in Congress. (A vote on granting the president “fast track” authority to negotiate such deals is expected in Congress today.)

“I don’t understand how on an issue of such huge consequence you don’t have an opinion,” he said.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Bernie had a piece of advice for reporters:

“He suggested that if the media are going to refer to him as a socialist, journalists also should affix the label of ‘capitalist’ with every mention of his rivals.”