Broad Public Support for Bernie’s Plan to Expand Social Security

It looks like Bernie’s pro-Social Security stance may become a major plus for his campaign. A new survey confirms what other studies have already found: voters like the idea – a lot.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that voters prefer candidates who support “funding an increase in Social Security benefits by adding the Social Security tax on income above one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars a year.”

That’s an excellent description of Bernie’s Expand Social Security Act, which would expand benefits by taxing all income above $250,000.

For each policy position studied in this survey, prospective voters were asked whether that position “would make you feel more favorable or less favorable toward a presidential candidate, or if it would not make a difference to you either way.”

61 percent of those polled said that support for Bernie’s proposal would make them feel more favorable toward a candidate. Roughly one-third of them (32 percent) it would make them feel “much more favorable.”

“At a time when over half of the American people have less than $10,000 in savings and senior poverty is increasing,” Bernie said in introducing the bill, “we should not be talking about cutting Social Security benefits.  We should be talking about expanding benefits to make sure that every American can retire with dignity.”