Make Calls for Bernie in Vietnamese!

Call California Voters in Vietnamese

The California primary is coming up on March 3 — and with your help, we know that Bernie can win in a landslide. The more voters we talk to, the better chance Bernie will have. So let’s keep calling and help Bernie win California!

How to make calls

Watch the Bernie Dialer Training!

All of our callers, whether brand new or seasoned veterans, must watch the Bernie Dialer Training video at the top of this page before making calls.

2. Review the Script

Please take 5 minutes before you begin calling to get comfortable with the script.

3. Start making Calls now!

Once you've completed the steps above, you're good to start making calls!

4. Done Calling? Schedule your next shift!

Finished making calls? Sign up for your next shift to help us reach every Bernie supporter in America!

Daily Calling Schedule
Tues 2 PM PT - 9 PM PT (5 PM ET - 12 AM ET)
Thurs 2 PM PT - 9 PM PT (5 PM ET - 12 AM PT)
Sat 8 AM PT - 8 PM PT (11 AM ET - 11 PM ET)

Additional Resources
Preview the California Vietnamese calling script
Read the written guide
How to record call results

Need help?
Get answers immediately by clicking on the "Chat" button in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen!