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Democratic Voters More Likely To Be Targeted By Ohio’s Voter Purge

Over the last five years, Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State has purged about 2 million inactive voters from its rolls. Civil rights groups have sued the state, arguing the purge violates federal voting laws. As the 2016 election draws closer, a new Reuters analysis finds that far more Democrats than Republicans are being purged in the state’s most populous counties.

In Ohio’s major cities, including Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, voters have been removed from the rolls in Democratic-leaning neighborhoods at about twice the rate as in Republican neighborhoods. In some neighborhoods in Cincinnati with a high proportion of poor, African-American residents, as much as 10 percent of the voting population has been purged. Because Democratic voters have lower turnout rates for mid-term, off-year elections, they are at greater risk of being purged. Counties that backed President Obama in 2008 have had far more residents kicked off the rolls than counties that backed John McCain.

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