Sanders Calls on Trump, Presidential Candidates to Support Fair Trade Deals and Stand with Workers

April 29, 2019

Sanders Calls on Trump, Presidential Candidates to Support Fair Trade Deals and Stand with Workers

WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders today called on Donald Trump and all presidential candidates to publicly support a new trade policy agenda that protects domestic jobs and guarantees living wages for American workers. Sanders is the only 2020 presidential candidate who has called for Trump to scrap his new NAFTA, saying that the proposed trade deal does not include adequate protections for workers.

Sanders is calling for all 2020 candidates to support:

  • An executive order ending federal contracts to corporations that outsource American jobs
  • A commitment to renegotiate all of our unfair trade deals to prevent the outsourcing of American jobs and raise wages 
  • A promise to avoid appointing trade representative from Wall Street 
  • A pledge to repeal Trump’s tax breaks that reward companies for moving their factories overseas. 
  • Sanders also committed to label China a currency manipulator and prevent it from dumping artificially cheap products into the U.S. when he is in the White House. 

“In 2016, Trump promised he would substantially reduce the trade deficit, stop the outsourcing of American jobs, and rip up NAFTA. He lied about all three. Since Trump has been in office, our trade deficit in goods has shot up to a record-breaking $891 billion. He has given out $50 billion in government contracts to companies that are shipping jobs overseas. He passed tax cuts that reward companies for offshoring even more jobs.  And now more than 185,000 American jobs have been shipped overseas under his watch. We need a president who will actually fight for American workers, keep their promises, and stand up to the giant corporations who close down plants to send jobs overseas.”

Bernie is the only candidate for president who not only voted against NAFTA and PNTR with China, and led the fight in Congress against Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And he has spent his entire career fighting to protect pensions and retiree health benefits