We won New Hampshire. Together, we can win the nomination. Donate


We won New Hampshire. Together, we can win the nomination. Donate


Travel to an Early State for Bernie!

Go on a Bernie Journey

Right now, we need volunteers to travel to Nevada and South Carolina to knock doors before election day. Help us reach our goal -- plan your trip now!

Want live support? Hop on a call:

Click here to sign up for a live webinar.

Need a ride? Get on a Bernie Bus!

Click here to see a list of campaign buses heading into early states.

Step 1: Transportation

Option 1 - Drive or Fly Yourself

This is the most straightforward, and helpful, way to take your Bernie Journey. Please note that the campaign cannot offer any gas stipends or travel reimbursements.

Option 2 - Join a Volunteer Carpool

If you are unable to travel to an early state on your own, you can check for a volunteer organized carpool.

Option 3 - Join a Campaign Bus

If you are unable to find or organize a carpool of your own, you can find a list of campaign buses transporting volunteers into Nevada and South Carolina. You will need to book your own lodging for overnight buses.

Option 4 - Host your own Bernie Journey Carpool

If you are driving to an early state, and have room in your car, van, or bus for other volunteers, you can offer folks a ride by posting a Bernie Journey Carpool on our events map. Before you do, review the Bernie Journey Carpool Host Guide to help you submit your event with all the necessary details so that our team can approve it and post it on our events page ASAP!

Step 2:
Overnight Lodging


If you are staying the night in the state you are traveling to, you will need to find your own place to stay and are 100% responsible for your lodging. The campaign cannot provide, reimburse, or subsidize your lodging in any way.

In looking for your own accommodations, we highly recommend splitting rooms with friends, family, and fellow volunteers. If you are looking for housing, can offer housing, or would like to split housing costs with other volunteers, please click here to join our Bernie Journey Slack Channel to coordinate with other volunteers, and use our Out of State Volunteer Lodging Tracker!

Step 3: Connect with State Staff

Before you start your Bernie Journey, our staff on the ground need to know when, where, and for how long you are coming to knock on doors. Follow the directions below to sign up for a canvass event. When you do, our system will let our state staff know you are coming, and you will be given their contact information to ask questions.

  1. Sign up for a canvass event link below.
  2. If others are going with you, sign them up on the canvass events link too.
  3. Sign up for ONLY the times when you will be actively knocking doors.
  4. Not sure where to go? Reference the OOS Map to find the closest priority office to you.

Arriving: 7PM Friday
Knocking Doors: 8AM-4PM Saturday & 8AM-8PM Sunday
Leaving: 9PM Sunday

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 7.40.43 PM.png


NEVADA - Caucus on February 22

Priority Office Locations:
Henderson, NV
Northeastern Nevada
NW Las Vegas, NV
Reno, NV
SW Las Vegas, NV

Bilingual Scripts Available: Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog, Amharic

SOUTH CAROLINA - Primary on February 29

Priority Office Locations:
Aiken, SC
Columbia, SC
Florence, SC
Greenville, SC
Myrtle Beach, SC
North Charleston, SC
Rock Hill, SC

Before you Depart

Gather Supplies and Materials:

  • Weather appropriate clothes (This will vary by state. Check the weather before you go!)
  • A smartphone / tablet (many of our offices are door-knocking using the MiniVAN app; paper turf packets can still be printed upon request, but having a phone or tablet is best!)
  • Recommended: Snacks, water bottle, portable battery pack.

Check in with your Field Organizer

Once you sign up for a canvass event above, you will receive a follow-up email with the contact info of the field organizer on the ground who will be greeting you. Your field organizer will call or text you the day before your first canvass shift; if you have any questions, be sure to proactively reach out to them and let them know!

If you are a Bernie Journey Carpool host:

Check in with all of the attendees of your event (directions in the Bernie Journey: Carpool Host Guide)

Still have Questions?