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Equal Justice Under Law

As a congressman, then Rep. Bernie Sanders was in the minority when voted back in 1996 against the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. Bernie thought it was wrong to deny gay couples the same treatment under federal laws as straight couples. He supported Vermont’s civil union law in 2000. He was an outspoken backer of his home state’s passage of one of the nation’s first gay marriage laws in 2009. So it was not surprising that he was among the first to praise Friday’s landmark Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.

“The Supreme Court has breathed life into the words engraved in the building’s marble pediment: ‘Equal Justice under Law.’ This decision is a victory for same-sex couples across our country as well as all those seeking to live in a nation where every citizen is afforded equal rights,” he said. “For far too long our justice system has marginalized the gay community,” he added. “I am very glad the court has finally caught up to the American people.”