We won New Hampshire. Together, we can win the nomination. Donate


We won New Hampshire. Together, we can win the nomination. Donate


Host an event

Host an event

Use our online events platform to host a volunteer event in your area today. After signing up to host, you will receive resources to help you every step of the way.

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What type of event should I host?

Door to Door Canvass

Having face-to-face conversations with voters about Bernie Sanders is one of the most important and meaningful things you can do. When you knock on doors, talk to your neighbors, and share your reasons for supporting Bernie and our movement, you are able to connect with people and persuade them to join our cause, vote for Bernie, and transform our country. Sign up to host a Door to Door Canvass and get a list of doors in your area to knock!


Talking to voters about Bernie is the most impactful thing you can do to help win the election. Hosting a phonebank is a powerful way to bring supporters in your community together to have impact by making calls to voters in key states with upcoming primaries. Using our dialer technology, you can have these powerful conversations from any location with WiFi.

Community Canvass

Every in-person conversation gets people closer to the polls on election day and you know your community best. At a canvass, you will bring supporters together in community spaces to talk with voters and find out what matters to them. Using our BERN app, you will do the critical work of helping our campaign identify who is likely to support Bernie.

Note: if you do not live in a state with an early primary, we encourage you to make calls to voters in early states by hosting a phonebank. We need big wins in early states to grow our movement to win the election. Help us reach every single voter in an important early state!

Organize Your Friends Party

Your friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors and classmates, are looking to you to help make their decisions about who to support for President! Host an Organize Your Friends party to bring people in your community together and make plans to organize your personal networks for Bernie! We encourage you to have fun at this event!

Bernie Journey Carpool

Talking to voters face-to-face about Bernie is among the most impactful things you can do — especially if you travel hundreds of miles across state lines on a Bernie Journey to go door knocking in an important early primary state. Organize your own carpool and recruit others to come join you. In order to win the early primaries, we need reinforcements from all over the country to join us on the ground in the early states.

Debate Watch Party

We must use every opportunity we have to bring people together and get to work to help Bernie get elected! Host a Debate Watch Party to support Bernie and get your guests involved in the most urgent and impactful actions to win the election: talking with voters in an important early state!

Need help?

Our events support team is standing by to help – email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon.