General Electric Must Pay to Restore the Hudson River

The Hudson River is one of America’s most beautiful and environmentally important rivers. It inspired the modern environmental movement and remains the centerpiece of New York’s recreational economy.

Sadly, for more than 30 years, General Electric dumped as much as 1.3 million pounds of dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into the Hudson River — known as PCBs. As a result of this toxic pollution, 200-miles of the Hudson River — from Fort Edward to Manhattan — is now the largest Superfund cleanup site in the country.

The PCBs that GE dumped into this beautiful river has threatened the Hudson as a recreational resource, makes its fish unsafe to eat, and is harming the economic revitalization of communities along its banks. Moreover, the Hudson is an important source of food for some of the poorest residents in New York, many of whom are immigrants forced to live on the unhealthy fish caught in the river. That is unacceptable.

We must do everything we can to clean up the Hudson River and hold GE accountable for its actions.

Senator Sanders will make sure the Hudson is fully restored as a source of healthy sustenance and as a recreational and economic resource for all. And Senator Sanders will work to ensure that GE pays to clean up the toxic mess that they created.