A Just Immigration System

Today, we say to the American people that instead of demonizing the undocumented immigrants in this country, we’re going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and provide a path toward citizenship. We’re going to provide legal status to the 1.8 million young people eligible for the DACA program, and develop a humane border policy for those who seek asylum. No more snatching babies from the arms of their mothers.

Bernie Signature


We are a nation of immigrants. Bernie is proud to be the son of an immigrant. His father came to this country from Poland without a nickel in his pocket. Their story, his story, and our story is a story of America: hard-working families coming to the United States to create a brighter future for their children. We need to:

  • Enact comprehensive immigration reform, including a path towards citizenship.
  • Expand DACA and DAPA, including providing immediate legal status for young people eligible for the DACA program and developing a humane policy for those seeking asylum.
  • Completely reshape and reform our immigration enforcement system, including fundamentally restructuring ICE, an agency Senator Sanders voted against creating.
  • End the barbaric practice of family separation and detention of children in cages.
  • Dismantle cruel and inhumane deportation programs and detention centers.
  • Establish standards for independent oversight of relevant agencies within DHS.

Donald Trump has made himself the biggest platform of hate in the country, and he’s used the demonization of immigrants as his own personal political strategy. That must end, now.