Justice for All

‘A National Disgrace’

Tuesday, June 30 capped a fundraising frenzy on the part of candidates seeking to meet their campaign-cash goals before the end of the Federal Election Commission’s reporting period. Bernie’s response: “It is a national disgrace that billionaires and other extremely wealthy people are able to heavily influence the political process by making huge contributions.”

Republican candidates have been seeking cash from big-donor billionaires, making the rounds on what the New York Times describes as a “shadow campaign trail.”

“Elections should be determined by who has the best ideas, not who can hustle the most money from the rich and powerful,” Bernie said as the deadline approached. “Unless we end this disastrous campaign finance system, our government will continue to represent the interests of the few at the expense of the many.”

By contrast, Bernie asked supporters to show their support with $3 donations.

“The Koch brothers alone will spend more than the Democratic and Republican parties to influence the outcome of next year’s elections,” he said. ” That’s not democracy, that’s oligarchy.”