On the Road

The Establishment

At a town meeting in Storm Lake, Iowa, on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders brought up an exchange during last weekend’s Democratic debate when David Muir of ABC News asked a question about Hillary Clinton and corporate America. “The last time you ran for president, Fortune Magazine put you on its cover with the headline Business Loves Hillary, pointing out your support for many CEOs in corporate America. I’m curious,” the “World News Tonight” anchorman asked, “eight years later, should corporate America love Hillary Clinton?”

Clinton quipped: “Everybody should.”

When Sanders got his turn at the debate podium, he said, “The CEOs of large multinationals may like Hillary. They ain’t going to like me and Wall Street is going to like me even less.”

In Iowa on Monday, Bernie elaborated.

“I do not want to be liked by everybody. I want to be liked and supported by the middle class and working families because I am going to take on Wall Street and the billionaire class. They do not like me today. They will like me even less if I am elected president. I welcome their dislike.”

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