On the Road

Martin Luther King Jr.

As the nation prepared to observe Monday’s holiday honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Bernie Sanders went to a church service on Sunday in Charleston, South Carolina, and later sat down with three leading African-Americans to discuss the civil rights leader’s legacy.

Sanders and his wife, Jane, sat in a front-row pew at the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Preaching about King’s legacy, the Rev. Dr. Norvel Goff Sr. called on the congregation to remember that economic justice for the poor and working families was as much a part of King’s mission as racial justice.

Later on Sunday, Sanders sat down for a discussion of King with former Ohio Sen. Nina Turner, Dr. Cornel West and Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike.

They compared King’s work to Sanders. “There is a real sense,” Dr. West said of Sanders’ campaign for the White House, “in which it could very well be America’s last chance for the legacy of King to be addressed in a serious way.”

Sanders on Monday planned to be in Columbia, South Carolina, to participate in a rally and a march commemorating King.

Watch the conversation here: