Press Release

The Truth: American Families Save Thousands Under Sanders’ 2013 Health Care Bill

Average Family Healthcare Costs for Family Making $50,000:

Medicare for All Clinton Inaction
Premium $0 $4,955
Deductible $0 $1,318
Copayment $0 $24 primary / $37 specialty
Tax $1,100 $0
Premium Savings $3,855
Premium Plus Deductible Savings $5,173

According to Kaiser Family Foundation, the average employer contribution for family coverage is $12,591. Under Sen. Sanders’ proposal that amount goes down to 6.7 percent of payroll ($3,350).

The cost to the employer for a worker with a family who makes $50,000 would go from $12,591 to $3,350.

Insurance costs are based on averages from Kaiser Family Foundation data from 2015. In addition, the actual tax paid by the family would likely be even less because it is based on taxable income, not income.