Press Release

Bernie Watches the Republicans Debate

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders watched the Republican presidential candidates’ first debate on Thursday night and took to Twitter to share his impressions during the two-hour session.

He asked why Fox News, the debate sponsor, didn’t even bring up issues that are priorities for big majorities of Americans: jobs, the collapse of the working class, tax breaks for the rich, raising the minimum wage, staggering student debt, climate change, the environment and billionaires trying to buy elections.

One of the most popular tweets of the night said:

He was impressed a couple times.

There was another thing he liked too, but it turned out to be a commercial.

When the debate ended, Sanders summed it up in one final tweet:

Here’s the link to the Sanders’ debate-night Twitter feed:

According to Twitter, the hashtag #DebateWithBernie was used 56,748 times and @BernieSanders was mentioned 59,935 times during the debate.