Press Release

California Voter Registration Surges Under Sanders Candidacy

Bernie Sanders

CARSON, Calif. — Voter enthusiasm in California is surging with more than 1.5 million newly registered or re-registered voters since January 1, according to the latest data from Political Data Inc. With that number expected to surpass 2 million before the May 23 deadline, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has shown he is the candidate who can build the energy and excitement to attract new voters to register and participate in the Democratic process.

Voter registration has seen a boost of 218 percent among Democrats, with more than 1.1 million Democrat and Independent voters now eligible to vote in the presidential primary. The increase is largely due to drastic increases among voters under the age of 30 and Latinos, both core demographics of Sanders’ supporter base.

“Sen. Sanders’ message of income inequality and corrupt campaign finance are resonating so strongly with the people of California they are registering to vote in record numbers,” said Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver. “If this is any indication of voter excitement and turnout, Bernie has a strong chance of winning in California.”

The surge in Democratic voter registration will benefit down ballot races, with many districts seeing 10 percent or more of their voting population registering to vote in the last 90 days. With high turn out and a large swath of new progressive voters, Sanders has excited the future of the Party to help Democrats win across the board in California.