Press Release

Democratic Rules Committee Passes Reform Commission to Reform Electoral Process

PHILADELPHIA – The Democratic National Convention Rules Committee on Saturday approved a unity reform commission charged with reducing the number of so-called superdelegates.

The commission will tackle caucus and primary reforms designed to make the nominating process fairer. The commission will recommend reforms to broaden the base of the Democratic Party, make it more responsive to the grassroots of the party and decrease the party’s reliance on large donors.

“This is a tremendous victory for Sen. Sanders’ fight to democratize the Democratic Party and reform the Democratic nominating process,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “We were pleased to work with the Clinton campaign to enact this historic commission.”

Sanders has long sought reform of the superdelegate system. The charge of the commission is to develop rules that would reduce the number of superdelegates by some two-thirds. The commission is structured to ensure that proposed reforms are promptly considered by the Democratic National Committee as whole.

Sanders, Clinton and the Democratic National Committee will each pick members of the commission.

The commission will be chaired by Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, co-founder of Precision Strategies and deputy campaign manager of President Obama’s re-election campaign. The vice chair, appointed by Sanders, will be former president of the Communication Workers of America Larry Cohen.