Press Release

‘Enormous Optimism’ for America’s Future, Sanders Says

Bernie Sanders

SAN FRANCISCO – Capping his California campaign with an upbeat message, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday surveyed 10,500 cheering supporters under a fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge and told them they are his inspiration for a better America.

“As I look out and see so many people who love this nation but know that we can be so much more it gives me enormous optimism about our future,” Sanders said.

The rally here at Crissy Field was the last in a weeks-long campaign march up and down California. Since mid-May, more than 227,000 supporters turned out at 39 rallies from San Diego to Sacramento and from Chico to Cloverdale.

As Democrats in the nation’s biggest state head to the polls, Sanders is in a tight contest with Hillary Clinton. A campaign that began more than one year ago with Sanders 60 points behind has now scored victories in 20 states and he led Clinton in California in the last Los Angeles Times poll.

“And tomorrow, in the most important primary in the entire Democratic nominating process, we’re going to win here in California,” the senator said. “And If working people and young people come out in big numbers and demand a government that represents all of us, not the 1 percent, we’re going to win big.”