Press Release

Sanders Campaign Statement on Evenwel vs. Abbott

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Latino outreach director Arturo Carmona on Tuesday released the following statement on the Texas case of Evenwel v. Abbott which aims to exclude non-voters from the population count in drawing state legislative district lines:

“We need to preserve a fair system of representation in this country that does not disadvantage communities of color and our children. Evenwel tragically makes invisible a large segment of the American people, including young people under 18. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Latinos are the nation’s youngest ethnic group. As a result, areas with large Latino populations will be adversely impacted when it comes to representation in state legislatures. Evenwel could result in 55 percent of the Latino population nationwide being underrepresented.

“Once again, we have people trying to rig the electoral system to try to dictate an outcome in favor of the right wing. Why don’t far right Republicans in Texas have the courage to run on the merits of their ideology instead of trying to take representation away from others?”