Press Release

Sanders’ People-Powered Campaign Aims for Another Record Month

Bernie Sanders

PITTSBURGH – Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign on Thursday announced it is aiming to surpass last month’s fundraising record of $43.5 million.

Sanders has now received 6.2 million individual contributions from more than 2 million donors since the campaign began last year.

“Our campaign is building the momentum we need to win the nomination and beat the Republicans in November,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “More and more people are joining Bernie’s political revolution every day and we’re hopeful our supporters will help us reach another big goal for the month of March.”

Sanders’ campaign has so far raised more than $39 million in March from contributors giving around $27 apiece.

You can watch the campaign’s progress as donors make a major push to $43.5 million ahead of tonight’s midnight fundraising deadline here.