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Sanders Welcomes Clinton Agreement on New York Debate

Bernie Sanders
MILWAUKEE – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday welcomed Hillary Clinton’s agreement to debate him in New York before the state’s April 19 primary election.

“Let’s do it,” Sanders said on CNN.

After her campaign opposed a New York debate for over a month, Clinton told reporters at a campaign stop in La Crosse, Wisconsin, that she was open to the idea of debating Sanders in Brooklyn.

The Sanders campaign hailed the development as a victory for Democratic voters everywhere and for New York voters in particular.

The Clinton campaign’s earlier position was that the April debate agreed upon by both campaigns should be held after the New York primary. In recent days, one Clinton operative suggested the debate might not happen at all if Sanders did not change his “tone.”

The Sanders campaign has consistently pushed for a debate in New York to be held prior to the April 19 primary election.