Press Release

Thank You, Bernie Tells Supporters

BURLINGTON, Vt., – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday thanked grassroots supporters who he said are “transforming American politics.”

“Thank you VERY much for your financial support for our campaign,” Sanders wrote in an email sent from his Democratic Party presidential campaign.

“What we have done together so far in this campaign is not only extraordinary and unprecedented, it is transforming American politics.

“What we have shown is that we can raise over $40 million dollars without having a super PAC.

“What we have shown is that we can raise an amount of money which makes us financially competitive by securing 1.3 million contributions from, unbelievably, 650,000 Americans.

“What we have shown is that we can run a successful campaign without having to depend upon donations from the wealthy and the powerful and that we can do it with an average campaign contribution of only $30.

“Our political system is corrupt. Big Money controls much of what happens. Together, you and I are changing that,” the senator said.

Supporters donated more than $26 million in the past three months. Sanders’ campaign ended the third quarter with about $26.5 million cash on hand. The average online donation was about $30.00. About 99 percent of all donations were for $100 or less.

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