Endorsements for Senator Sanders across the Midwest

Oct. 24, 2019

Endorsements for Senator Sanders across the Midwest

WASHINGTON - Bernie 2020 today announced endorsements from elected officials and community leaders across the Midwest, including Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. The endorsements demonstrate the growing support for Sanders’ presidential run and come on the heels of a nearly 26,000 person rally in Queens, New York with U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and an endorsement from U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The slate includes:


Aaron Ortiz, Illinois State Representative, District 1:

“I'm endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders for President because he has dedicated his entire career to fighting for the issues that matter most to working class families. Bernie has always stood up for and empowered marginalized communities. As the son of immigrants and the Representative of one of the most immigrant districts in the State of Illinois, I trust Senator Sanders to lead our country and protect our families. This campaign is not about a person, it's about a movement. That's why I proudly endorse Bernie for President.”

Alma E. Anaya, Cook County Commissioner: 

"Bernie has never been shy about advocating for true social justice. His track record says it all-- a lifetime of being on the correct side of the issues. Bernie has always supported the working-class, and now, I am proud to support him."

Andre Vasquez, Alderman, Chicago Ward 40:

"I am proud to announce my endorsement for Bernie Sanders, the person who ignited my civic engagement and inspired me to run for office. Bernie Sanders is a once in a generation leader who has fought for working families, brought more people into the political process, and challenged the status quo. He is the only candidate who can defeat Donald Trump and take on the political establishment. In his first run, Bernie inspired millions - including me - to be part of a Political Revolution. Four years later, I am now an elected City Council member. It is that ability to mobilize people who have never been engaged that I believe will make the difference in this election."

Byron Sigcho Lopez, Alderman, Chicago Ward 25:

“Bernie Sanders has never hesitated to challenge the billionaire class and has always fought to empower and unify working class Americans. He stands alone as a visionary who is building a mass movement to bring self-determination and justice to workers and ordinary American families. As President of the United States, Bernie won't compromise away our right to have access to health care, education, affordable housing, and justice under law. Bernie has, by far, the most comprehensive strategy for international diplomacy and policy to incentivize rapid progress on climate change and avoid violent conflict across the globe. In Bernie, we will have a President who fights unequivocally for us all, together.”

Carol Ammons, Illinois State Representative, District 103: 

"I am proud to endorse my friend Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. America needs a political revolution and no candidate for President embodies that spirit more than Sen. Sanders and the millions of people who support him! Sen. Sanders has demonstrated his commitment to freedom, justice, and equality and he is the right person to take on the HUGE problems we face as a nation. After his 2016 run, Bernie didn't just go away, he established the Sanders Institute to help progressives like me lean into public policy areas from a 'root solution' perspective instead of just tweaking around the edges. Senator Sanders has captured the imagination and rekindled the spirit of America that teaches us to be bold and to think of endless possibilities. That's why he has the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who can clearly see a better tomorrow under his leadership. The Senator has been organizing for this moment for a long, long time and I can't wait to call him our, "Organizer in Chief.”

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, Alderman, Chicago Ward 35:

“As a Bernie delegate from Illinois’ Fourth Congressional District to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, I am proud to support Bernie Sanders and his candidacy to be our 2020 Democratic nominee and 46th U.S. President. President Trump, his party, and the billionaire class are waging war against women, immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, the environment, and working class people of all backgrounds. Put simply they seek to deny people like me - a gay and Latinx son of working class immigrants - our humanity and a future we can believe in, in the name of a rigged economic system that puts greed and profit before people. Bernie understands better than any other candidate, that defeating Trump, his party, and the billionaire class requires a mass people’s movement, led by those directly impacted by social and economic inequity. I look forward to the day we have Bernie - a lifelong champion of working people - in the White House.”

Claudio Gómez-Gonzáles, Co-President, Graduate Students United at the University of Chicago, IFT-AFT-AAUP

"I support Senator Sanders because I believe in a world in which working people act collectively to secure a better future. At a time when our rights as workers are under attack from the Trump NLRB, I truly believe that policies like Workplace Democracy and the Green New Deal—together with Federal Job and Housing Guarantees—could facilitate a radical transformation in the labor movement. Whether it was using his campaign lists to support our picket lines during a three-day walkout to demand union recognition from the University of Chicago, or turning out in solidarity to support the upcoming Chicago Teachers Union strike, Bernie Sanders reacts to support the needs of working people without centering himself in our stories. In his own words: "Not me, us." His fight is one of working class solidarity, in which nationalism, racism, and xenophobia are met with progressive internationalism and multiracial solidarity. I truly believe that Senator Sanders understands the vision of organized working people coming together in the face of neoliberalism and fascism. I believe his presidency would make space for a world in which black, brown, and indigenous working people will lead the way to justice for all."

Dylan Parker, Alderman, Rock Island Ward 5:

"Prior to even the 2016 Presidential election race, I had followed Sen. Sanders' messages, policies and efforts to empower the working class for some time. When he announced his candidacy for Presidency four years ago, I knew that the Senator would be an avid fighter for the blue collar families I represent on Rock Island's City Council. Sen. Sanders has consistently fought for working people throughout his career, so when he announced his 2020 Presidential bid, I knew he'd remain faithful to his lifelong commitment to economic, racial and environmental justice. For these reasons, I was proud to have supported him in 2016 and I'm proud to support him, again, in 2020."

Jenn Jazmin Carrillo, Council Member, Bloomington Ward 6:

"I am proud and honored to offer my endorsement to Senator Sanders, who has consistently and fiercely fought to disrupt a system, in which the ultra rich profit and benefit from our suffering, in order to make a dignified life possible for working class people like us."

Jeanette B. Taylor, Alderwoman, Chicago Ward 20: 

"Senator Sanders is not in this to do the popular thing but to do the right thing, even when it's not easy or inconvenient. This is why I support his candidacy for President of the United States."

Jackson Potter, Executive Board Member and Trustee, Chicago Teachers Union; High School Social Studies Teacher: 

"There is no candidate who is as clear and consistent in their support of working people and the need to challenge the corporate take-over of our political system as Bernie Sanders. As a teacher in Chicago who believes in taxing the 1% to address educational apartheid, income inequality and a housing crisis that is ravaging the black community, Bernie is the only candidate who has a program that meets the challenges of our time. As an educator that helps to bargain our health-care provisions in our contract, I'm tired of the big insurance and pharmacy companies raising our rates and making health-care less accessible and less affordable. Bernie's Medicare for All plan is something all workers desperately need and deserve.”

Litesa Wallace, Former State Representative, Rockford:

"In 2016, Bernie Sanders laid out the blueprint for a more just, equitable country that was consistent with the principals and values my family has believed in for generations. That blueprint still needs to be made real, and Bernie Sanders is the candidate to do it. I'm tired of my community suffering - and Senator Sanders has been fighting for economic and racial justice for decades. I'm proud to support Bernie Sanders, our next president."

Rossana Rodriguez, Alderwoman, Chicago Ward 33:

“I was elected to Chicago’s City Council this year—along with five other Democratic socialist colleagues—by a movement that knew we could use these offices to build people power. We knew this in large part because we’ve seen the incredible transformations that have taken place since Bernie Sanders ran for president in 2016. Today, the opportunity before us couldn’t be any clearer. Bernie has created an opening to finally talk about solutions that rise to the scale of the problems facing us: Medicare for All, a homes guarantee, and a Green New Deal that leaves no one out. I am a Puerto Rican whose community was devastated by Hurricane Maria and saved itself only through solidarity and deep-rooted traditions of popular organization. Bernie’s policies resonate deeply with me, but just as important is his clarity on how we win these policies: through building our movements from below. I’m proud to endorse Bernie and his vision of change that’s already animating millions of working people: Not me, us.”

Susan Sadlowski Garza, Alderwoman, Chicago Ward 10:

“I'm supporting Bernie because for over forty years he has never wavered on his commitment to the working class. His message is inspiring millions of working people who've been left behind to hope for and demand better for themselves and their families. My neighbors on the South Side of Chicago need a President who will not only fight for a Green New Deal and Medicare for All, but who knows the kind of movement it will take to get us there.”


Chuck Jones, Wayne Township Trustee and Former USW Local 1999 President: 

“Bernie is the only candidate for President that hasn’t wavered in his positions. He is truly trying to make the lives of all people better. And that is why I support Bernie Sanders for President.”

Dave Vinzant, City Councilman, Hobart Ward 4: 

“Bernie is the only candidate for President that hasn’t wavered in his positions. He is truly trying to make the lives of all people better. And that is why I support Bernie Sanders for President.”


Curtis Wylde, Missouri Member of the Democratic National Committee:

"I support a set of progressive policies, that will bring about solutions, and empower working families, and struggling Americans across the country to have the opportunity to realize the American dream. No other candidate in our 2020 Presidential election embodies all of these policies with the track record and unwavering support that Sen. Bernie Sanders does. We do not have time for political resistance when a political revolution is required! We must put our communities before corporations, people over profit, and main street ahead of Wall Street, and I believe Sen. Sanders will continue to do that as he has during his entire career. For these reasons, I proudly endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders to become our 46th President of the United States!"


CJ Prentiss, Former Ohio State Senator, District 21:

"When Bernie announced his candidacy in 2015 a friend of mine asked who I would be supporting, assuming as a Black elected official and someone who had Hillary Clinton campaign for me in my first successful race for the Ohio House in 1992.  I calmly replied, "Bernie Sanders, of course, I have been married to him for 35 years." My husband has joined me to make real the dictum from Frederick Douglass, "Power concedes nothing without a demand, It never  has and never will."

Michael Charney, Former Vice President of the Cleveland Teachers Union:

"Senator Sanders is the only candidate who can motivate millions of people to confront the corporate 1% and provide the foundation for a society based on peoples' needs and not maximizing corporate profits."

Trevor Elkins, Mayor of Newburgh Heights:

"All things evolve, including nations. Ours is at a crossroads. Senator Sanders is the only candidate honestly talking about fundamentally realigning our trajectory in a way that allows all humans the opportunity to share in the ideas and ideals of the Founding Fathers. I'm supporting Senator Sanders for President of the United States because I want my daughters to grow up in a world of opportunity, prosperity, and equity. Bernie Sanders has been steadfast in his fight for these principles.”

Organizations listed for identification purposes, and do not imply institutional endorsement