Press Release

New Sanders Radio Ad Sets Record Straight on Clinton’s Dishonest Attack on Auto Industry Rescue

DETROIT – Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign on Monday released a new radio ad responding to Hillary Clinton’s dishonest and negative attack on his support in 2008 for an automobile industry rescue package.

Sanders on Dec. 11, 2008, voted for a $14 billion auto rescue package. During a debate Monday in Flint, Michigan, Clinton falsely claimed he opposed the assistance for carmakers and auto workers.

The ad, which will be broadcast on radio stations across Michigan, says Sanders “has always been on the side of Michigan workers and working families.” He not only voted for the auto rescue package, “he’s the only candidate who’s opposed the job-killing trade deals that have crushed manufacturing.”

Clinton, the ad says, is “trying to distort the truth about Bernie’s record.”

The ad quotes an article in The Washington Post suggesting that Clinton was trying to deceive voters on the eve of Tuesday’s Michigan primary election. The Post said Clinton “glosses over a lot . . . including the fact that Sanders is actually on the record as supporting the auto bailout. He even voted for it.” The Post also said of Clinton, “it seems like she’s willing to take the gamble that fact checkers may call her out for her tactic… but that voters won’t.”

The ad concludes by saying that “Michigan voters deserve better than typical Washington tactics. Hoping voters don’t figure out what you’re up to till it’s too late. There’s only one candidate who honestly tells it like it is and isn’t afraid of standing up for Michigan workers and that’s Bernie Sanders.”

Read the transcript here.