Jobs and Wages

Real Unemployment Is Over 10 Percent; Wages Fall For Most Workers

A new data brief from the National Employment Law Project finds that, while employment figures, have improved, “the ‘real’ unemployment rate—which includes those working part time who want full-time work, and those who have stopped searching but if offered a job would take it—remains in excess of 10 percent.”

“Moreover,” says the report, “most workers have failed to see improvements in their paychecks … In fact, taking into account cost-of-living increases since the recession officially ended in 2009, wages have actually declined for most U.S. workers.”

Low-income workers have been hit the hardest. The data brief concludes that “on average, the lowest-paying jobs have experienced disproportionately greater wage declines.”

Data Brief: “Occupational Wage Declines Since the Great Recession: Low-Wage Occupations See Largest Real Wage Declines”