On the Road

Saturday Night Live

Bernie Sanders imitated Larry David and Larry David imitated Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. It was a funny form of flattery.

There was a scene on an ocean liner featuring a Brooklyn-bound immigrant dreaming of running for president. The young Sanders stood up for women and children against the top 1 percent.

There was a question from the host about how things are looking in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Pretty, pretty, pretty good, Bernie said in his best impression of the Curb Your Enthusiasm star.

David’s send-up of Sanders was a hit earlier this season in a skit making fun of the Democratic presidential debate.

At a forum in New Hampshire earlier this week, Sanders was asked about his Larry David imitation.

“I am Larry David,” Sanders deadpanned.

Watch a skit:

Bernie Sanders and Larry David, together at last.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Saturday, February 6, 2016