WATCH: Town hall on coronavirus & priorities for relief package


WATCH: Town hall on coronavirus & priorities for relief package


Knock doors for Bernie!

Knock Doors for Bernie


On March 12th, in a public press conference, Senator Sanders addressed the crisis of the coronavirus. In the press conference, the Senator said that we have an absolute, moral imperative that our response -- as a government, as a society, as business communities, and as individuals -- meets the enormity of this crisis.

As people work from home and are directed to quarantine, it will be easy to feel like we are in this alone, or that we must only worry about ourselves and let everyone else fend for themselves.

As Senator Sanders said today, now is the time for solidarity. We must fight with love and compassion for those most vulnerable to the effects of this pandemic.

Because Senator Sanders and our campaign are taking this unprecedented moment seriously, we have made the campaign decision to stop our door-to-door canvassing program for the time being. The safety and well-being of our staff and supporters is of utmost importance.

Meanwhile, we are going to continue to talk to voters in March 17 states and beyond through our remote organizing program.

Volunteers and supporters will be asked to:

  • Watch the Debate on Sunday
    • Use the Bern app to remind your friends to watch Bernie debate Biden this Sunday, March 15
  • Make calls from home to March 17 states: AZ, IL, FL, OH
    • Sign-up now to start making calls:
  • Join our national call for volunteers & supporters
    • Time is TBD, Friday, March 13
  • Download the campaign’s app: Bern
    • Upload your friends
    • Send texts and messages to them about voting
  • Join our livestream and webinar events
    • We will be launching a series of live streams with surrogates and campaign staff to make sure that we continue to talk to voters about the importance of this election.

Thank you for being a part of our movement, and for fighting to create a government and an economy that works for all of us.

In Solidarity,
The Bernie 2020 Canvassing Team