On the Road

The Tortoise and the Hare

Bernie Sanders meeting in South CarolinaDemocratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is making steady progress in national polls as potential voters around the country get to know more about him.

Sanders fares even better in the first caucus and primary states. He trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by seven points in the latest Des Moines Register survey and leads in many New Hampshire surveys.

Nationally, Sanders gained 13 points since last month in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday. “He’s gained significantly among registered Democrats and Democrat leaners under age 50, runs closely with Clinton among liberals and has closed the margin, to some extent, among nonwhites and women – results that may give Clinton pause, if not palpitations,” according to an analysis by ABC and the Post.

Sanders also picked up two points compared to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a Fox News Poll released on Sunday. His 32 percent support was up seven points in the past month and more than doubled his standing in the polls when he began his White House quest in April.

The data overwhelmingly show Sanders is making progress. “Sanders is Up,” was the headline on the ABC News/ Washington Post story. “Bernie Sanders Reaches New High in Support: Poll” was the headline on a story about a new NBC/Survey Monkey poll.

“There is overwhelming evidence from practically every public poll that Bernie Sanders is gaining ground and making progress in the Democratic primary,” said Ben Tulchin, Sanders’ pollster. “In fact, he is doing better against Hillary Clinton than Barack Obama was doing against Clinton at this stage of the campaign.”

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