Trade Vote Passes: “Fast Track” to a Bad Deal

Today the Senate passed legislation virtually assuring the passage of job-killing trade-related agreements with nations in Europe and the Pacific Rim. Bernie was a leader in the opposition to this provision, and to the agreements whose ratification is now all but certain.

“Trade Promotion Authority” – better known as “fast track” – prevents Congress from amending or filibustering trade agreements, and limits the time allowed for debate. It will be in effect for the remainder of Barack Obama’s presidency and through the next president’s first term.

“The vote today – pushed by multi-national corporations, pharmaceutical companies and Wall Street – will mean a continuation of disastrous trade policies which have cost our country millions of decent-paying jobs,” Bernie said today. He added:

“American workers deserve a trade policy that works for them and not only for the CEOs of major multi-national corporations. We cannot continue trade policies which outsource good jobs to low-wage countries overseas and lead us into a race to the bottom.”