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Friends, you have helped so much during this campaign, and we cannot thank you enough. But we need a favor: Today, starting at 2:00 PM EST, we will be rolling out another very big social media call to action on Twitter. The goal? To give Bernie as big of a social media boost as possible leading into the Primary on Tuesday Night.

Visit berniesanders.com/NHvotes to learn how to support and vote for Bernie in New Hampshire on Primary Day!

All year long, Bernie has emphasized that this campaign is not about him — it’s about all of us. Which is why we believe the hashtag #VoteTogether is a powerful embodiment of what this campaign is all about. It’s about uniting together over our similarities, and refusing to be divided by our differences, and we want to show the world that when we stand together and VOTE together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

It would help us greatly if you could retweet our posts from @BernieSanders, and then adopt the hashtag as your own! Share your stories. What does it mean to you? Why do you think it’s important that we #VoteTogether? Remember: having many unique tweets in addition to all the retweets is necessary to get us trending – so please improvise! And don’t forget, we have a huge repository of amazing posters at the bottom of this page!

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