Coronavirus Relief Funds

Coronavirus Relief Resources

If you are struggling with the impacts of this crisis financially, emotionally, or physically, you are not alone. First, we recommend checking your state government and local municipality websites for resources; many are updating their websites with information about accessing various forms of support – including unemployment applications, updates on mortgage or rent relief, mental health resources and more.

Here are other national resources for support:

In case it is of any help to you or your community, we also wanted to share resources from incredible organizations that our campaign has been raising funds for recently in response to this crisis.

These organizations are coordinating relief funds where individuals can apply for assistance:

Other important work we are supporting:

Please feel free to share your personal experiences with coronavirus or feedback on Bernie’s coronavirus response work at [email protected].

If you would like to share your story with others, please take a moment to upload a video of yourself and tell us how the coronavirus is affecting you. Your story may be featured on our website and official social media channels:

Together, our campaign has raised over $3.5 million for coronavirus relief efforts. If you are interested in contributing to the organizations doing this important work, you can make a contribution to the groups we’ve identified most recently by clicking here.

There are many, many issues that must be addressed in our response to this pandemic, and working together, we will make sure they are addressed. Check out the priorities for the next coronavirus relief package