Hear the Bern

Hear the Bern is Bernie Sanders’ new podcast. Hosted by National Press Secretary Briahna Gray, the podcast offers a behind the scenes look at how campaigns work, how political movements grow, and what motivates the man who has reintroduced big, transformational ideas into politics.

On Hear the Bern, we’re not only going to hear from Bernie Sanders, we’re going to talk to the people who are helping to build this movement behind the scenes, from campaign staffers, to surrogates, to union leaders, teachers, nurses, and you: everyday Americans. We want this to be a space to talk about the difficult issues that everyday Americans deal with, from student debt and social security, to immigration and criminal justice issues.

Hear the Bern is now available on:

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Episodes and Transcripts:

Ep. 1: Bernie Gets Personal
Ep. 2: Busting Trump’s Health Care Myths
Ep. 3: Black Bernie Bros Speak Out
Ep. 4: Bernie on the Road
Ep. 5: Bernie Back in the Day
Ep. 6: But Can He Win?
Ep. 7: Bail, Bills, and Criminal Injustice
Ep. 8: We Built This Country, Too: Asian American Voters Speak Out
Ep. 9: Borders & Boxes: The Fight for Immigration Justice
Ep. 10: But the Union Makes Us Strong
Ep. 11: Bogeyman: Democratic Socialism
Ep. 12: Bhaskar on Bernie: Talking Democratic Socialism with Jacobin Editor Bhaskar Sunkara
Ep. 13: Bills, Bills, (Student) Bills
Ep. 14: Gamers Rise Up: Talking Politics on YouTube and Twitch
Ep. 15: Big Money vs. the City of Brotherly Love
Ep. 16: Brazil, Bernie, and the Fight Against Fascism
Ep. 17: Beat the Press (w/ Katie Halper & Sam Seder)
Ep. 18: Building a Left-Liberal Coalition
Ep. 19: Building Coalitions (w/ Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor)
Ep. 20 Birth and Death in America (w/ Sanjeev Sriram)
Ep. 21: Best of Bernie: Winning the Class War | Green New Deal | Justice for All
Ep. 22: Bern or Burn: The Green New Deal